Saturday, January 13, 2007


A stroller plus a wireless laptop equals this. TUAW called it "wartoddling", but the voice synth should be pitched up a few octaves.


Greg Hewett said...

Weird. It kinda takes the rebeliousness or covertness of of the whole thing with all of the photos that where being taken at that time. Did I miss the point?

Andy said...

Two things about it struck me. One was the personification, if you will, of a device that can easily be seen as very cold and inhuman. There's something about that that fascinates me (remember, I am a proud Aibo owner).

The second was the initiative -- someone was trying something a little different. I totally agree that their implementation leaves a lot to be desired, but I like to see people trying things that may not pan out, because it's an indication that someone is out there trying, marking things off, systematically (or haphazardly) narrowing down the collective scope of possibility.

Remember IDEO: "Fail early and often to succeed sooner!"