Sunday, March 25, 2007

What are We Eating?

I'm all for applying science and technology to as many areas of life as we can, but I think we can go too far when we don't really study or consider the possible ramifications of our actions. Combine that with a generally uneducated or lethargic public, and scary things can happen.

Specifically, I think we're going too far when we put butane in our chicken nuggets, as McDonald's is doing. Do we really feel confident that McDonald's has a good grasp of what the chemicals they use can do to us? Or, do they care very much compared to how much they care about food preservation? Oh, and their nuggets are 56% corn.

Watching the food preservation experiements that Morgan Spurlock in Super Size Me did was eye-opening. Here's a link to a similar experiment.

I've read Fast Food Nation. Now it may be time to read The Omnivore's Dilemma.


Jason said...

Tundra me.

stevie said...

Andy? Andy Payne? TAMU Andy? It's me. Steven Manuel. Hello.

Andy Payne said...

Wow, what a surprise to see you gents!

Duesing, how are you? I think you forgot excom, right? Didn't we have bracelets or something?

And Mr. Meta man, you still rockin away? Are things going well in your world?

Jason said...

Thrilled to know its you. Been trying to track you down off an on for a few years now. Would love to catch up if you have time to email: jasonduesing AT