Sunday, August 3, 2008

My New Site -

I'm blogging at now, so head over there.


a_ndy said...

I checked out your new site. Pretty neat stuff - actually you seem pretty adept at finding neat stuff on the Internet, like that I think this old blog of yours (through Blogger) is actually an easier read though. Having only two entries per page, stacked side by side, with a big menu on the bottom just makes it feels somehow less approachable. But maybe all it really needs is another button that leads you to older posts without having to select them individually.

Thanks for your help with my Norton SafeWeb issues! I never knew there were tools like Google Alerts to help people stalk the Internet for particular topics. :P

Andy Payne said...

Hey a_ndy, thanks for the feedback. I've been looking to change the theme of my new blog. I might try the grid focus theme.

I'll keep the "older posts" idea in mind too. I also intend to start categorizing posts so that you can find related posts within a category. So much to do in my free time!